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What are your contract requirements?

A deposit of 20% is required with the return of a signed contract and the balance is due the night of the engagement. An adequate stage area for the band should be at least 12 x 24 feet. We do realize that some venues do not have much room to spare so please know that we will work with whatever is available to us. Additionally, we need at least three independent 20 amp circuits to avoid tripping any breakers during the performance. We do not require meals, however, when invited it is always appreciated.

Can you provide Musicians during the wedding ceremony and/or cocktail reception?
Absolutely! We can provide any combination from one musician to a jazz trio. Some popular groups are using a keyboardist, flute/sax or trumpet player. Should you be looking for a harpist or string player, we can certainly assist in recommendations.

Will the band be set-up and ready to play before my guests arrive?

Definitely! As soon as the venue is available we like to get in early (preferably by noon) allowing us plenty of time to ensure that all equipment and lighting are running smoothly for the event. If a venue is not available for an early set-up, then we require at least two hours prior to the contracted times given.

How long are your sets and what happens during your breaks?
Normally, our sets are 45 minutes with a 15 minute intermission. However, if the dance floor is packed, we have been known to play 90 minute sets to keep the party going—unless otherwise notified to break for cake cutting, speeches, etc. During breaks, we have a CD player running through our system and have the appropriate background music playing. If you would like to bring in your own CDs for breaks, we will be more than happy to play them.

Will you act as Emcee for the evening?

When hiring us that is part of the package! We can make all introductions, announcements and coordinate closely with photographer and videographer to make sure that you get in everything you want during your event.

What if I want a specific song for the event that is not on your list?
We will be more than happy to learn one special song at no additional expense. We simply ask that you provide us with a CD, MP3 file or sheet music at least six weeks prior to the event allowing us time to put it together.

Can I pick the songs that I prefer from your song list?

Absolutely. We have a vast song list and always encourage our clients to indicate exactly what they do or do not want to hear throughout the evening. A copy of our song list is available for download here. We just ask that you indicate your favorite (or least favorite) songs, and send the list back to us at least one week prior to the event.

If I want the band to play overtime, what do I need to do?

Just let us know at the end of the contracted hours and we will announce to your guests that we are going to extend the part and to stay with us. The cost is prorated by divided the number of hours hired into the total price paid.

What does the band wear?

For formal occasions, the band members are in tuxes and the female singer is in sequin cocktail gown or dress. For a more casual evening, the musicians are in a black suit with colored shirt and the female singer is always dressed appropriately for the occasion. Should your party have a specific theme, we will adjust our attire accordingly.

How long has this group been together and what sets this band apart from other variety bands?
KTG was formed in 1992. The one thing that sets us apart is the fact that we carry real horn players at all times instead of using synthesizers. When playing a particular style of music, our custom musical arrangements, along with our accomplished singers, have the ability to replicate the original artist when doing cover tunes from Marvin Gaye to Aretha Franklin—from Usher to Frank Sinatra. Another key to our continued success are high-energy performances and our ability to know when to play the right material at the right time. We have performed for thousands of weddings, corporate events and numerous celebrities since our conception.

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